The Schrader Quality, Health, Safety and Environment (QHSE) strategy is based on respect
for man and his environment, to meet its customers' expectations.
This improves Schrader's overall performance and aims to achieve zero error, zero quality
incidents, zero accidents and to minimise the environmental impacts of our various
activities, products and services, from the design phase onwards. SCHRADER adheres to
current regulations, guarantees categorical compliance with standard examinations and
the compliance of its instruments to the regulatory requirements for manometers, meets
customers' requirements and other applicable requirements as well as HSE standards.
To do this, SCHRADER develops and implements a specific action plan with continuous
improvement objectives.
Valves, weights, repair products, vulcanizers, inflation devices,
tools and civil engineering products, tyre mounting and balancing
A leader in the accessories sector, SCHRADER owes its success
to a worldwide distribution strategy and being very customer
Schrader’s Strategy
A very high quality and competitive range.
A culture of innovation, technical support, planning
development programs and a high-performance marketing
media complete SCHRADER's strategy.
World TPMSmarket leader, SCHRADER is a top flight supplier
of automobile manufacturers and has developed a specific range
for tyre maintenance specialists including sensors, tooling,
consumables and sales support.
A team dedicated to the global market ensuring
customer support and distribution of all Schrader equipment
necessary for the maintenance of all types of machinery.
Also offering a dedicated range of TPMS systems.
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