P/N suffix: -67 = per unit
* Short-term exposure.
** Use only the USB keys provided in the kit.
Content of the
6 EU sensors mounted on patch
6 FCC sensors mounted on patch
2 DDRM antennae with cables
4 4
2 installation sets for antennae
DDRM (support, protection, screws)
4 4
1 calculator
4 4
1 display
4 4
1 support for display
4 4
1 cable for display
4 4
1 power cable
4 4
1 USB cable
4 4
Installation and user instructions
4 4
Offer details
• The best system to prevent tyre deterioration or damage linked to low pressure or high temperature.
• Tyre pressure/temperature measurement: real time alerts of possible deviations from standard parameters set by tyre teams.
• Level 1: transmits the information to the dashboard via an onboard display.
• Level 2: transmits the information to the dispatch room or the the tyre service provider through a Wireless option for communications which
include GPRS, Wi-Fi and satellite comms dependent on local availability.
New concept – New capabilities - New advantages
* EU RFA : Approved for frequencies in Europe, Africa...
** FCC RFA : Approved for frequencies in the USA, Canada, Brazil...
Sensors to be defined according to local regulations.
Example of application
on a Volvo A30E
Display and calculator
Sealed antennae
Sensor mounted on tyre
- High technology sensors mounted on patch applied to the inside of the tyre.
- Waterproof, shock-protected antennae.
- One calculator protected by a high-resistance aluminium casing.
- Screen for data display and data collection simply by USB key.
Technical data:
• Pressure range:
0.1 to 12 bar
(1.45 to 174 psi/10 to 1200 KPA)
• Accuracy:
± 0.1 bar (±1.45 psi, ±10 kPa)
• Temperature measuring range:
-40 to +125°C* (-104 to +257°F*)
• Sensor designed to work
at temperatures of over
100°C (212°F) for long periods
• Unique identification code
for each sensor
• Transmission frequency:
433.92 Mhz
• Operating range of calculator
and display:
-45 to 60°C* (-113 to +140°F)
• System tightness:
• Display:
Pressure and temperature data
collection by simply plugging in a
USB** key and alarm
• Plug & play for future Schrader
transmission devices
• Connectable to any transmission
.xml format
• Transmission: every 5 minutes,
each minute under alarm
• Current consumption:
0.1A to 24V
• Designed for site machinery and port vehicles.
• Measures and displays tyre temperature and pressure while driving.
• Increases tyre life and improves tyre asset monitoring.
The system's benefits
• Increases tyre life.
• Improved safety.
• Reduces fuel consumption.
• Reduces maintenance costs by improving reactivity.
• Provides technical monitoring of tyre casings
for retreading purposes.
• Supplies pressure and temperature data
to tyre monitoring software.
PC OTR application
Intuitive and easy to use. For system
configuration and data display.
(detailed information on request).
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