P/N suffix: -67 = per unit
Place the tool on the tyre to start communication between sensor
and tool.
• Make sure that the TPMS sensor is working correctly before
and after the tyre is mounted.
• Check the pressure by scanning the valve.
• Choose a quick and easy solution to call the sensor,
obtain its ID and its status.
• Register and/or print the report of the operations performed.
Multi-brand identification of original sensors
• Search by make, model, year.
• Decodes and posts sensor information: sensor ID, pressure, temperature and battery status.
• Indicates the Schrader P/N of the replacement sensor and maintenance accessories kit.
• Audit via USB mode - Easy downloading of sensor information to a PC or a laptop for printing.
• Comes with a storage case including USB cable.
• The update of the software and databases is available on
"TPMS tool supports"
section for registered tools.
Only an updated tool guarantees conformity with the market's sensors.
• Valve forcer.
• Decodes and displays the sensor's information.
• Enables the vehicle's data to be downloaded and printed.
Free update the 1st year.
Kit containing:
1 ActivAir tool with mini SD card
1 USB cable
1 protective case L. 200 x l.120 x th. 45 mm
Instruction sheet
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