Bead lifting-pressing device
P/N suffix: -67 = per unit -77 = per unit(mounted with PT option)
Kg. 120
47 cm.
154 cm.
45 cm.
168 cm
Pneumatic wheel press
cone simplify external alloy
wheel clamping
Bottom roller disc assists in
reloosing beads
and demonting
The rotating arm with disc
eases mounting
Pneumatic hand control
Operating roller discs
Vertical sliding carriage
Powerful ø 125 mm air
Rack for standard
Helical device to reduce
stress on bead (Patented)
Fixed bead press
Rotating arm locates
the pressing forces
over the center of the
wheel (patented)
Bottom roller disc to release
beads and lift the tyre up
during demounting
The fixed bead press arm
can be adjusted at correct
distance from tool head
Combined with rotating
arm, the fixed bead press
arm adds bead pressing
force for diffucult tyres
The top operating disc assists
in bead lubrication
Pressing disc assists in
bead lever placement to
ease demounting
Pressing disc allows the
bead to slip easily onto
the tool head
Rising cam roller disc guides the bead and
reduce stress during mounting
Net Kg. 105
Standard accessorries
Packing for truck and sea transport.
Carton on pallet
Optional acccessories
included on the models(assembled in the factory): 65976-77, 66162-77, 66163-77, 66088-67, 66165-67.
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