All sensors and accessories are listed in the vehicle table on pages 27-38 and are available on our website.
Each valve or accessory is different according to vehicles and car manufacturers.
The pieces must be adapted to the rim type and the vehicles.
Regular maintenance by a professional is vital to prevent corrosion, premature deterioration of the valves and to guarantee perfect airtightness.
We recommend changing valve accessories on each tyre change, using the appropriate tools
Core 37992-69 in nickel-coated brass only.
Apply the recommended tightness torque
(0.23 to 0.56 Nm)
Hex nut in anodised aluminium
11 or 12 mm, with or without groove
for coloured ring.
Apply the recommended tightness torque
given in tables
Rubber grommet (1)
or radial airtight rubber grommet (2)
Core screwdriver pre-set to 0.40 N.m.
NB, overtightening the core can break
the valve
(available page 21)
Torque wrench for tightening nuts
(available page 20)
Rubber grommet tool
(available page 21)
Use cutting pliers
to remove a radial
Plastic cap only
Zinc coated seal washer of the valve seal
(for VDO sensors).
10 screw
Apply the recommended tightness torque: 1.4 N.m
4 coloured rings for vehicles with
identification of wheel location (Renault).
The valves in question are delivered with a ring
of each colour not fitted.
10 screwdriver pre-set
to 1.4 N.m (available page 21)
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