The Schrader range is the most complete on the market:
• Components for the maintenance of all types
and makes of sensor,
• OE sensors for replacement,
• Special tools,
• Storage cabinet,
• Diagnostic and testing tools,
• Information in workshop,
• Technical hotline.
Schrader is constantly developing its products and has
information on the original equipment.
Our range provides you with the solution to meet most of your requirements.
TPMS & EZ-sensor™ training with dedicated mechanical and electronic tools:
Our training centre has been set up to provide our customers the skills required to use Schrader products.
• Approval no. 43 25 01928 25.
A pressure sensor in a wheel means that
precautions must be taken when dismounting/
remounting tyres.
Failure to follow these guidelines could lead to
valve damage and therefore to a system failure.
“Centre Expert TPMS" Label
Schrader opens up the TPMS market for you
As the leading TPMS manufacturer in the industry, Schrader is consolidating its position as world safety
technologies leader, instructing and informing legislators, consumers, automobile manufacturers and
aftermarket servicing and repair networks.
The continual increase in the number of vehicles equipped with TPMS in the aftermarket has led to
increased demand in servicing and repair facilities.
Dedicated websites
Information for consumers
Information for professionals
- “TPMS tool support“ section, tool
update site, professional diagnostics
- TPMS catalogue, for the latest update
on the sensors available
+33 (0)381 38 57 67
Office hours
Shop procedure posters on request:
- To identify the different types of electronic valve
- Pressure sensor dismounting/remounting procedures
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