* MARCHAL, MONAFLEX and FONMAR are registered trade marks, property of MARCHAL, MONAFLEX and FONMAR.
Already active in the passenger cars and trucks market, Schrader is
targeting new development in the earthmover and farm vehicle aftermarket.
The worldwide EM tyre shortage coupled with the raw material price
increases have resulted in a higher demand for professional, high-
performance repair of tyres during their lifetime, repairs that guarantee
conservation of tyre properties and performances.
Schrader offers a range of equipment for professionals to meet their
customers' requirements and to train and provide turnkey solutions for
the repair specialist, industry, public works and mining companies...
Schrader for earthmover tyres:
• Development of new products.
• Continuous improvement of products.
• Needs audit.
• Study of profitability.
• Placement and start-up of complete workshops up to 63".
• Installation of workshops.
• Technical and practical training.
• Technical assistance.
• Marketing support.
• The benefits of these vulcanizers are flexibility, their small size and their ability
to repair tires of all sizes.
• Uniformed pneumatic pressure on the patch.
• Durable repair and perfect finish.
• It allows operators to vulcanize the patch up to the casing beads' outermost point.
• Allows operators to vulcanize the patch in its optimum position without stressing it.
• Schrader can supply spare parts and original accessories for all of the machines
produced by MARCHAL * MONAFLEX * and * FONMAR using airbags.
• We recommend wearing protective goggles, footwear, gloves and ear protection when executing repairs.
• We advise you equip your workshop with a mobile vacuum kit P/N 65329-67 (see page 158).
• Follow the corresponding fitting and application instructions to make repairs according to professional practice codes, i.e. adhering to
repairability criteria and performing each operation according to a well defined procedure, whatever the repair procedure.
Vulcanizing devices must always work under the supervision of an operator.
• Disconnect the cabinet from the mains as soon as the Vulcanization is finished.
• Never work in a cabinet without disconnecting the mains.
• These vulcanizers are equipped with a differential circuit breaker.
• Vulcanizers: Max supply pressure 2 bar with filtered and non-lubricated air.
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