Support - Lift - Spreader 300 Kg
1.5 T. models
- Hydraulic raising/lowering, actuated by the operator with a lever
located on the pump at the rear of the device.
- Rollers rotate freely in the hand.
- Safety in the work position due to pin with 6 possible positions.
- The lower part of the tyre is free to enable the straps of a vulcanizer
VSM 200 to be passed through it.
The device can be immobilised by means of the 2 screws
on the base plate.
Maximum tyre size: 33/25 R35
Lifting strength: 1.5 T
Maximum lifting capacity: 1500 kg
Lifting stroke: 800 mm
Dimensions: L.1940 x W.1450 x H.1525 mm
Necessary working surface area: min. 1 metre around the device
Maximum pressure: 700 bar
Tare weight: 300 Kg
Rollers ø 90 mm with useful length 950 mm
• Low position: Place the tyre on the 2 rollers, position the claws
and spread the tyre's beads.
• High position: With the control station's lever,
raise the spreader-tyre assembly.
• Control station with tray for tools.
• Allows the operator to work at a comfortable height without having to bend down or handle the tyre.
• Makes tyre inspection and repair easier.
• Max operating pressure: 7 bar. Use a Filter-Regulator-Lubricator on the compressor outlet.
• We advise you to wear protective goggles, gloves and footwear when using this equipment.
• Follow the user instructions.
Machines compliant to the provisions of "Machines" Directive
2006/42/CE and to the corresponding national regulations.
Spreader-lift enabling the operator to work at
a comfortable height without having to bend down.
Possible intermediate positions.
Can be embedded.
Necessary working surface 3m2.
Maximum lifting capacity: 20,5 R 25
Maximum size capacity without lifting: 23.5 R 25
Lifting strength at 12 bar: 200 kg
Lifting strength at 15 bar: 300 kg
Lifting stroke: 450 mm
Air inlet: 1/4". Maximum pressure: 16 bar.
Size: L. 1.2 x W. 0.8 x h 0.90 m.
Weight: 160 kg.
Ramp option with assembly parts
for lift-spreader 67201-67
Model with raising/lowering
of the jack by manual hydraulic pump
Model with a 2L air hydraulic pump
(Remote controlled raising and lowering)
P/N suffix: -67 = per unit
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