Solution Description: Mining of precious metals, stone, natural resources, and other geological materials continues to mean big business for global mining companies. Mining processes, as well as the mining equipment required to efficiently excavate, have evolved for both surface and sub-surface mining. Large, heavy machinery is utilized in the mining process to break surfaces, remove rock, transport debris, drill, and reclaim the land after mining is complete. In many cases, mining vehicles utilize extremely large and expensive tires requiring a heavy dependence on operational uptime. Schrader supports all elements required to keep these large tires in service including tire valves, tire repair products and tools, on-board TPMS, as well as on-site and in-mine services to further enable mining customers.

Key Applications: Extraction and excavation equipment, bulldozers, diggers, scrapers, back-hoes, front-loaders, dumpers, underground mining equipment.

Schrader Product Content:  High pressure hydraulic valves, large bore and clamp-in tire valves, high pressure valves, off-road tire valves, on-board TPMS, fuel & liquid level sensors, tire repair and equipment, on-site repair setup, training and services.