Solution Description: The agriculture end-market has evolved since the beginnings of time to become a highly automated and specialized driver of products that sustain life. Agriculture systems, and the equipment that enables those systems, deliver food and support products to the global population. Agriculture equipment ranges from planting, to crop extraction and production, processing, food safety and processing, as well as distribution. Schrader enables agriculture customers with a suite of tire valve and sensor products that protect and perform.

Key Applications: Combines, harvesting equipment, tractors, cultivators, tillers, fertilizers, spreaders, pickers, irrigation systems, backhoes and front loaders.

Schrader Product Content: Tire valves, hydraulic pressure relief valves (PRV), air conditioning (A/C) valves, tire PRV, tire repair equipment, clamp-in valves and large bore cores, A/C valve cores and housings, tire pressure monitoring sensors, high-pressure valves for hydraulic systems.