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Annual Fuel Bill
Annual Cost
of Tire Underinflation
Total Annual
Cost Of Fuel +
Underinflated Tires

TPMS Saves Consumers Money Around the World

$511 Million In the U.S. alone, TPMS-equipped vehicles saved more than $511 million (in one year) through reduced fuel consumption.

55.6% Reduction The presence of TPMS resulted in a 55.6% reduction in the likelihood a vehicle would have one or more severely underinflated tires.

21% Less common Severe underinflation was 21% less common in vehicles with Direct systems than in vehicles with Indirect systems.

(Source: National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA),TPMS Effectiveness Report, November-2012)

Benefits of properly inflated tires

Better Vehicle Handling
Better Vehicle Handling
Increased Fuel Economy
Fuel Economy
Shorter Braking Distances
Shorter Braking
LongerTire Life
Tire Life