Valve Cores

The valve core is a mechanism mounted inside the valve. Its primary functions are to enable air or fluid flow in or out of a system, tire, or reservoir when the inlet pressure is higher than the valve’s spring adjustment, and to prevent the air or fluid from flowing out. Valve cores are used in a wide range of applications.

Components: Internal and external seals, stainless-steel spring, metallic body, and pin.

Features Set
  • Schrader valve cores help ensure no air or fluid leaks
  • Compatible with a variety of fluids
  • Perfect attachment to the valve
Value Proposition
  • Schrader is the world’s leading brand of core
  • Main OEM automotive supplier on five continents
  • Most reliable core supplier for the aftermarket
Technical Specifications
  • Highly resistant cores
  • Precision-engineered valve core technology
  • Applications include hydraulic accumulators, water systems, humidifiers, water pumps, and tire valves for almost all kind of vehicles