Tube Tire Valves (Rubber Base)

Schrader Tube Tire Valves are used primarily in truck and bus inner tubes. These must be vulcanized to the inner tube. The valve assembly consists of a rubber valve stem, valve core, metallic cap, and 70 or 82mm rubber base. Several sizes are available, with different bending angles to suit specific applications.

Features Set
  • Schrader Tube Tire Valves with rubber base help ensure no air leaks from the inner tube
  • Fuel savings and longer tire life through proper tire inflation
  • Perfect vulcanization to the inner tube
Value Proposition
  • Schrader is the world’s leading brand of tire valve
  • Main OEM automotive supplier on five continents
  • Most reliable supplier of Tube Tire Valves with rubber bases for the aftermarket
Technical Specifications
  • High-quality rubber construction for proper vulcanization to the inner tube
  • Precision-engineered valve core technology
  • Available models: TR 75A, TR 76A, TR 77A, TR 78A, TR 175A, TR 177A, TR 179A, TR 460, TR 461, TR 462, TR 463, TR 464, TR 465, TR 440, TR 441, TR 442, TR 443, TR 444, and TR 445