Tire Valve Extensions

Product Specs

Automotive Original Equipment, Automotive Aftermarket
End Market:
Extension for air intake & release mechanism inside truck and bus tires
Rubber hose or metallic stem, washers, nut, valve core, cap

Tire Valve Extensions

Schrader Tire Valve Extensions make tires easier to inflate and deflate. They are used with extension supports to avoid damaging the valves. Several sizes are available, to suit specific applications. Only the original Schrader extension has the Schrader name imprinted on the extension’s rubber and on the extension support’s metallic stem.


  • Schrader Tire Valve Extensions help ensure no air leaks from the tire
  • Can use nitrogen air
  • Easy to use

Value Proposition

  • Schrader is the world’s leading brand of valve extension
  • Main OEM automotive supplier on five continents
  • Most reliable valve extension supplier for the aftermarket

Technical Specifications

  • Highly resistant extensions
  • Precision-engineered valve core technology
  • Available sizes include: Rigid Extensions: R7381 (77.8mm), R7382 (128.6mm), R4430 (105.2mm), R6358 (35.7mm), and R7383 (154 mm); Flexible Extensions: R9982-210 (210mm) and R9982-270 (270mm)