Portable Air Compressor

The Portable Schrader Air Compressor was developed for durability and high performance for home use. The various applications of the Portable Schrader Air Compressor allow the best performance to inflate, clean, and painting spray, with security, convenience and comfort. 1-year warranty. 

Features Set
  • Superior performance for home use
  • Highest output in the market: 3,5 cfm
  • Silent and low vibration
Value Proposition
  • Since 1845, Schrader makes products related to compressed air
  • Technical assistance for all customers
  • Contains kit for cleaning, spray, painting and inflating
Technical Specifications
  • Has adjustable valve for pressure control
  • Maximum working pressure: 3.5 bar (50 psi)
  • Strength: 1/3 HP (250W) with air outlet 1/4 "NPT. Bi-volt switched with airflow from 128 to 135 liters per minute.