Schrader Nipples and Nuts for Hoses are made of steel (12L14) with zinc plating to prevent corrosion. They are used in the fuel and lubrication systems of agricultural and OTR vehicles. Several sizes are available to suit our customers’ needs.

Features Set
  • Schrader nipples and nuts help ensure no fluid leaks from hoses
  • Perfect connections in fuel and lubrication systems
  • Corrosion-resistant
Value Proposition
  • Schrader is the world’s leading brand of nipples and nuts for use in agricultural and heavy-duty fuel and lubrication systems
  • Main OEM automotive supplier on five continents
  • Most reliable supplier of nipples and nuts made of 12L14 steel
Technical Specifications
  • High-quality 12L14 steel, with zinc plating to prevent corrosion
  • Precision-engineered design
  • More than 25 different models – send us your drawings and specifications!