Industrial Belt Monitoring

Power transmission belts are found in a wide range of commercial, industrial, and consumer applications, including plant and factory equipment, outdoor power equipment, food processing, conveyors, construction, agriculture, robotics, and many others. Over time, as V-belts, pulleys, or bearings wear, power transfer can reduce considerably, causing increased energy losses and eventual malfunction of the transmission. By attaching sensors to the rotating pulleys on a belt-driven system, Schrader’s approach constantly monitors and determines the transmission state. Data is transmitted from the sensors directly to a receiver module and a site asset management system, providing constantly updated information about the monitored belts. This enables the user to initiate preventative maintenance and extend the life of the belts.

Features Set
  • Accurate measurement of belt slip and wear
  • “Fit and forget” – no need to use a stroboscope or tachometer to measure pulley speed during routine maintenance
  • Non-obtrusive sensors attached to the pulleys
Value Proposition
  • Eliminates unnecessary belt changes
  • Eliminates downtime from belt breakage
  • Provides energy cost savings
Technical Specifications
  • Operates up to 8000 rpm
  • Three-year battery life
  • Ethernet, Wi-Fi, or USB data transfer to the user’s central asset-management hub