Hydraulic Jacks

Schrader’s precision-engineered Hydraulic Jacks are used to easily lift cars, trucks, and cargo. All hydraulic jacks are made only for lifting, and not to support for extended periods (use stand jacks to provide extended support). Many capacities are available, to suit specific applications.

Features Set
  • Robust and corrosion resistant
  • Schrader´s Hydraulic Jacks leak no hydraulic oil
  • High lift range
Value Proposition
  • Reliable performance
  • Technical assistance
  • Most reliable supplier of hydraulic jacks for the aftermarket
Technical Specifications
  • Reinforced steel construction
  • Different head models available, to suit specific attachment requirements
  • Available models: 1-stage: 2, 3, 5, 8, 12, 16, 20, 32, and 50 tons; 2-stage: 1.5, 2, 4, 10, and 12 tons; 3-stage: 1.5 and 4 tons