A properly stocked repair bay streamlines the repair process and ensures that the required repair elements are available on-demand. An essential, must-have element for TPMS repair, hand-held scan/programming TPMS tools are needed for reading, activating, programming, and relearning sensors on the vehicle. These tools enable technicians to “Test Before You Touch” – checking sensors for functionality, verifying tire pressure, and sharing TPMS state with the customer before beginning the repair, thus limiting liability by helping repair centers avoid inheriting other’s problems.

Schrader part numbers include: DBL + Learn and Test Tool with OBD Adapter (21230), OBD Connector (21225-OBD1), OBD Cable (21225-OBD2), OBD tool only (21230-R), TPMS Toyota Reset Tool (21250), EZ-sensor® Programming Fixture (35300), TPMS Tool Printer (21214), and TPMS Tool Replacement Printer Cable (21217).

Schrader tool users can also update their tool software via the Schrader software update site at:

Features Set
  • Complete range of scan/programming tools enables customers to choose optimal-fit
  • Provides vehicle make, model, and year data for easy use in servicing TPMS-equipped vehicles
  • Allows programming of the patented Schrader EZ-sensor®
Value Proposition
  • Schrader’s 21230 scan/programming tools provide the best coverage of any TPMS tool available
  • Updated software is provided by web download, or on a Mini-SD card for installation without a computer
  • Schrader your one-stop TPMS partner for sensors, service kits, tools, training and technical support
Technical Specifications
  • Activates and decodes magnetic and electronic sensors
  • Displays data on its screen display or on a PC using the USB cable provided, and can print data through the connected PC
  • Data includes sensor ID, tire pressure, wheel temperature, and battery status (in most cases)