Oxygen Monitoring Sensors

Schrader contributes to revolutionizing oxygen bottle monitoring by replacing the imprecise single-function mechanical manometer (used for 70 years) with a precise multifunction digital monitoring sensor. This was made possible by transposing some of Schrader’s core competencies developed and optimized over years in the field of tire pressure monitoring (such as low-power electronics, miniaturization, environmental robustness, high reliability, RF circuitry, and warning strategies), into the medical field. The battery-powered Oxygen Bottle Monitoring Sensor periodically measures the pressure in the bottle, and displays on the LCD the oxygen bottle pressure, volume, and remaining time before bottle depletion. In addition, an integrated buzzer warns the user before depletion. This information can also be sent by radio frequency (RF) to a remote RF receiver, making it possible to monitor multiple bottles at once. The receiver decodes the RF signals and emits an audible alert sound if any of the bottle pressures drop below a pre-programmed threshold.

Features Set
  • Sensor displays oxygen bottle pressure, volume, and remaining time before depletion, and warns the user before depletion
  • Battery-operated, LCD display, buzzer, and RF warning
  • RF data transmission to remote receiver
Value Proposition
  • Replaces imprecise single-function mechanical manometers with precise, multifunction digital monitoring sensors
  • Automatically calculates the remaining time before oxygen bottle depletion, freeing valuable time for medical personnel
  • Facilitates and optimizes management of oxygen bottles at hospitals and ambulance fleets
Technical Specifications
  • 10-year battery life
  • Operates from 0 to 200 bar
  • Low-power consumption