Air Conditioning Valve Cores

Air conditioning valve cores are offered in a variety of sizes to meet the unique OEM requirements for fill time at the assembly plant. Schrader recommends using a standard valve core only on the low-pressure side, and the larger JRA, 8mm, and 10mm cores on the high pressure side. Schrader offers a variety of seal materials to provide compatibility with the refrigerants and refrigerant oils specified in each system. We have tested our valve cores in a wide range of refrigerants and refrigerant oils, and have found that some POE and PVE refrigerant oils are not compatible with some seal materials. Contact your local Schrader representative to discuss the refrigerant oils in your applications so that Schrader can verify seal material compatibility.

Schrader part numbers include: 8080570047, 8080580047, 8081070047, 8081100047, 8081120047, 8081210047, 8081220047, and 8081530070.

Components: Bridge (for screwing the valve core into its housing), seat (with its joint providing a static seal from the valve body) and valve (with its spring for introducing or draining fluid and guaranteeing a seal under pressure in the rest position).

Features Set
  • Our high-flow valve cores’ unique design provides two O-rings for a dual seal
  • Schrader manufactures all valve core designs and sizes specified by OEMs
  • Color-coded for easy identification; available in plated and un-plated versions
Value Proposition
  • Manufacture of Schrader valve cores is fully automated, and our valve cores are 100% leak-tested
  • Manufacturing and technical support located entirely in North America
  • 100% manufactured in the U.S. with built-in Schrader quality
Technical Specifications
  • Tested for a variety of applications, pressures, and refrigerants
  • Contact Schrader for specific applications and recommendations
  • Custom validated for OEM requirements