Air Conditioning Primary Seals

The evolution from R12 to R134A air conditioning systems required a change to the air conditioning core specification. The new leak requirement and the assembly plant’s need for higher flow while charging made necessary a valve more robust than the original Schrader design. The resulting new Primary Seal valve assembly is a 100% leak-tested, multiple poke-yoked valve assembly designed to meet the high flow and leak integrity the industry demands. Schrader manufactures over 12 million primary seal valves each year, and achieves a zero-defect quality level. An estimated 250 million Schrader primary seal valves are currently used in air conditioning applications worldwide.

Schrader part numbers include: 7142810093 and 7142820093.

Note: Due to the variety of operating conditions or applications, the customer is responsible to perform their own testing to insure performance, safety and warning requirements for the intended application.

Features Set
  • Valve assembly is fully automated using a multiple poke-yoke process, and is 100% leak-tested before shipping
  • This valve is designed to prevent the most common manufacturing issues, such as contamination, high-heat valve seat distortion, and improperly installed valve core, and is delivered to the customer fully tested and assembled
  • Compact and light-weight valve package
Value Proposition
  • Cost-effective valve solution
  • Preassembled and leak tested; complete valve and housing assembly
  • 100% manufactured in the U.S. with built-in Schrader quality
Technical Specifications
  • Meets stringent OEM & SAE requirements
  • Only air conditioning integrated core and housing with 100% automated testing
  • Fully validated to specific OEM requirements, including refrigerants and oils. Please contact Schrader design engineers for specific details and applications.