Air Conditioning Primary Seals

The evolution from R12 to R134A air conditioning systems required a change to the air conditioning core specification. The new leak requirement and the assembly plant’s need for higher flow while charging made necessary a valve more robust than the original Schrader design. The resulting new Primary Seal valve assembly is a 100% leak-tested, multiple poke-yoked valve assembly designed to meet the high flow and leak integrity the industry demands. Schrader manufactures over 12 million primary seal valves each year, and achieves a zero-defect quality level. An estimated 250 million Schrader primary seal valves are currently used in air conditioning applications worldwide.

Schrader part numbers include: 7142810093 and 7142820093.

Features Set
  • Valve assembly is fully automated using a multiple poke-yoke process, and is 100% leak-tested before shipping
  • This valve is designed to prevent the most common manufacturing issues, such as contamination, high-heat valve seat distortion, and improperly installed valve core, and is delivered to the customer fully tested and assembled
  • Compact and light-weight valve package
Value Proposition
  • Cost-effective valve solution
  • Preassembled and leak tested; complete valve and housing assembly
  • 100% manufactured in the U.S. with built-in Schrader quality
Technical Specifications
  • Meets stringent OEM & SAE requirements
  • Only air conditioning integrated core and housing with 100% automated testing
  • Fully validated to specific OEM requirements, including refrigerants and oils. Please contact Schrader design engineers for specific details and applications.