Schrader Application-Specific Integrated Circuits (ASICs) are a family of battery-powered products designed to perform in the harsh environments of high G-forces and extreme temperatures inside automotive tires. Schrader’s designs incorporate a custom microcontroller with embedded software, which controls several peripheral devices within the tire-pressure sensor itself. The ASIC encodes measurements and transmits them via radio frequency (RF). Each ASIC has a highly sensitive, polled motion detection circuit that provides a wake-up signal to the microcontroller once tire rolling is detected. This allows the sensor to transmit pressure data more frequently when the vehicle is in motion, and conserve battery power when the vehicle is stationary.

Schrader is the only vertically-integrated tire pressure monitoring system (TPMS) manufacturer in the world. In-house TPMS valve manufacturing and ASIC capabilities allow us to directly control the design, development, and production of all Schrader TPMS products. The Schrader valve and ASIC are two key custom components of Schrader TPMS sensors, and controlling these critical components provides us the differentiated ability to quickly evolve to meet changing market demands and customer needs.

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Features Set
  • Surface mounted, custom-integrated circuit designed specifically for tire-pressure sensing
  • Periodically samples pressure, motion, and temperature, and transmits values via RF
  • Available in SSOP and MLP packages
Value Proposition
  • Ultra-low sleep current
  • Low-power internal oscillator
  • Power management ensures 10-year battery life
Technical Specifications
  • Integrated FSK/ASK RF transmitter supporting 315/433MHz TPMS sensor requirements
  • 125KHz LF ASK receiver with input sensitivity <0.5mV
  • 12-bit sigma delta ADC for measuring pressure and temperature