Tyre Valves (Aftermarket)

Schrader manufactures and sells a complete range of tyre valves worldwide. Schrader tyre valves are designed for passenger cars, trucks, agricultural vehicles, and large earth-moving equipment, and adhere to ETRTO standards, ISO standards, and vehicle and tyre manufacturers’ specifications. Schrader sells tyre valves through its worldwide dealer network.

Schrader tyre valves include:

  • Valve cores and caps
  • Rubber snap-in and metal clamp-in car valves
  • Drop centre and universal screw-on truck valves
  • Loose wheel nut indicators for trucks
  • Hydroflation agricultural valves and earth-mover tube or tubeless valves
  • Truck and earthmover flexible and rigid extensions

Features Set
  • All Schrader tyre valves adhere to ETRTO, ISO, and Tyre & Rim standards
  • OEM-approved tyre valves
  • Widest product range available on the market
Value Proposition
  • Schrader tyre valves ensure vehicle and driver safety
  • Cost-effective solution
  • 100% sealing test on all Schrader valves
Technical Specifications
  • Adhere to the torque specifications and maximum pressures for the core, cap, and nut.
  • Adhere to the recommended torques for valve cores and caps. Replace the valve-sealing washer each time you remove the tyre. Change the snap-in rubber valves at every service interval.
  • Choose the correct valve for the tyre, rim, speed, and driving conditions. Refer to the tyre and rim manufacturers’ specifications for details.