Tyre Pressure Gauges


Schrader offers a complete range of mechanical and electronic inflating and pressure gauges, manufactured in Pontarlier, France for professional use worldwide.

Devices designed by Schrader:  UnivAir, MastAir, Maestro, ManagAir, SchradDIGITAL
Devices manufactured under license from Michelin®:  EURODAINU, EURODAIRA
Inflating accessories and equipment: Inflation nipples and couplers, Kits for gauge calibration control, Air cannons (Boostair) and pump rings, Hose coilers, Compressed air FRL (Filters, Regulators, Lubricants) systems and plugs

Features Set
  • Inflating gauges may be used for nitrogen inflation applications
  • All inflating gauges adhere to EC regulations 86/217/EC
  • Each Schrader gauge undergoes precision testing and calibration
Value Proposition
  • Cost-effective gauge options
  • Accurate, robust gauges
  • Reliable, dependable performance
Technical Specifications
  • Put a filter on the air inlet, and purge the compressed air ductwork periodically
  • Safety requirements for inflating gauges, outlet hose length: Passenger cars, L = 1,50 m / Trucks, L = 3 m / EM, L = 6 m
  • Composite construction of gauge components to avoid corrosion