Tubeless Metal Tyre Valves

The Schrader metal tyre valve is designed to enable proper tyre inflation in trucks, buses, and agricultural and off-road vehicles. Schrader offers a complete line of valves suited to every type of rim. The product range is complete with metal, rubber, or plastic extensions as well. Schrader tyre valves are generally constructed from a brass stem, O-ring or molded seal, nuts, core, and cap.

Features Set
  • Schrader has over 50 years’ experience in designing and manufacturing metal tubeless tyre valves
  • Schrader’s unique design of the back of the valve precisely matches the customer’s rim and assembly equipment
  • Schrader offers a complete range of light, robust, and easy-to-use plastic extensions
Value Proposition
  • Automatic production controls for valve dimensions and 100% air-tightness
  • Schrader ensures high quality by controlling material properties in the laboratory
  • High overpressure and temperature resistance
Technical Specifications
  • Brass, nickel-plated, or aluminum versions available
  • Schrader valves fit 9,7mm, 16mm, and 20,5mm rim holes
  • Meets ETRTO specifications