Scroll Regulator Valves

The Schrader scroll valve regulates the pressure in any gas circuit through a bellow. This is a completely mechanical regulation system with no electronics. The scroll is mounted in applications such as air conditioning compressors. It’s a clever design based on a simple mechanical concept, and is consequently also a robust design. The pressure is regulated by the special bellow. The Schrader scroll valve is manufactured on a fully automated assembly machine with multiple poke-yokes. Each valve is calibrated to the customer’s specific set-point requirement, 100% tested for pressure, and 100% leak tested. The scroll valve is easily adjustable for new pressures.

Features Set
  • Pressure regulation is completely mechanical. No solenoid is used, so the product is more robust.
  • Flexible design includes two calibration pressures: 1,5kg/cm2 and 1,7kg/cm2
  • Compact design for easy use
Value Proposition
  • Schrader has manufactured more than 7 million scroll regulator valves
  • High quality through 100% air leak control and calibration tests
  • Scroll valves are mounted in a clean room to ensure they are defect-free
Technical Specifications
  • Input pressure: 1,5kg/cm2; output pressure: 5kg/cm2
  • Air leakage: < 50cc/min
  • Diameter: 26mm, height: 35mm