Industrial Valves: Screw-On Hexagonal Valves or Metal Spud Attachment Type

The Schrader hexagonal valve is made for charging, retaining, or purging fluid from any kind of system, and can be used in a wide range of applications. A Schrader hexagonal valve consists of a hollow cylindrical metal tube, typically brass or nickel-plated brass, with the exterior end threaded. The Schrader core is then screwed into the body, and a sealed cap covers the complete valve. A nut maintains the valve on the customer system. Standard Schrader valve design allows the use of available connectors and tools. Schrader can modify or create a new configuration as needed to meet specific environmental or tube interface requirements.

Features Set
  • All assembly valves pass leak testing
  • Valves can be designed and produced to specific customer requirements
  • Different lengths available
Value Proposition
  • Wide range of standard components
  • Customizable assembly with standard components
  • Technical service to guide our customers
Technical Specifications
  • Wide pressure range provided by variety of cores
  • Wide temperature range provided by core elastomers
  • All valves validated for pressure cycling and severe environments