Refrigeration Valves

Schrader provides refrigeration and air-conditioning valves specifically designed for charging refrigerant fluids. Schrader valves are compatible with all refrigerants. Threaded valves conform to SAE standards and allow easy connection to all devices. Charging valves and access valves are suitable for currents refrigerant fluids (R134a, R1234, R744) and PAG and POE oils. Each refrigeration valve consists of a body screwed into or welded onto the AC line. A high-flow or standard core is screwed into the body. The core is suitable for all connections for circuit loading. Double seals ensure proper gas loading and air-tightness. A cap with an inner seal covers the valve to provide dust protection and additional air-tightness. The cap and the core ensure low permeability. Schrader also provides technical recommendations for mountings.

Features Set
  • Medium- and high-volume production capacity
  • Automatic assembly line with integrated controls for valve cores
  • Schrader offers multiple, unique valve design to fully meet customer specifications
Value Proposition
  • Wide range of products
  • Suitable for current fluids and oils
  • Schrader designs meet SAE specifications
Technical Specifications
  • Valve cores designed for low permeation loss
  • Wide range of elastomers available
  • Design for screwing into or welding onto AC lines