Loading Purging Valves

Aircraft valves are used to load or purge aircraft air circuits (tyres) or hydraulic circuits (brakes and shock absorbers). Schrader-designed aircraft valves consist of a stainless steel body with a screw-in core. A metal cap with an inner seal protects against pollution and ensures air-tightness. High-pressure valves are designed to emit an audible warning if the valve is unscrewed while pressurized.

Features Set
  • Design, development, and production are EN 9100 certified
  • Built to customer specifications
  • Specific production line dedicated to aeronautic products
Value Proposition
  • Product reliability
  • Product durability
  • Product traceability
Technical Specifications
  • Meets aircraft industry requirements and standards
  • High-pressure valves withstand up to 345 bars of pressure
  • 100% of valves pass control leak test @ 345 bars of pressure