HP Relief Engine Valves

Schrader, the expert in engine valves, produces a safety valve for high-pressure gasoline rails. The Schrader High Pressure Relief Engine Valve (PRV) is mounted on the high-pressure gasoline rail, and exhausts gas through the return line if engine overpressure occurs. The valve is designed to be compact and easy to mount. The engine HPRV consists of a brass body, filter, ball, and seat. Special O-ring seals ensure air-tightness between the valve and engine. The seat’s cone is manufactured with high precision to ensure proper sealing with the ball: precise circularity and fine surface finish are key characteristics. The Schrader PRV is manufactured on a fully automated assembly machine with multiple poke-yokes. Each PRV is calibrated to the customer’s specific set-point requirement, 100% tested for opening and re-close pressure, and 100% leak-tested. Calibration is done at 100% pressure with special fluid. Our PRV is designed to meet every OEM performance specification. The Schrader PRV’s brass construction allows it to meet all automotive performance requirements after salt-spray exposure.

Features Set
  • Schrader treats the high-pressure engine valve as a safety product and thus ensures zero defects
  • Schrader ensures high quality with 100% leak control, 100% fluid calibration, and 100% opening pressure measurement on the assembly line
  • Precise circularity and fine surface finish ensure zero leakage
Value Proposition
  • The HPRV is assembled in a clean room, ensuring a clean product
  • Multiple designs match differing engine rail and return line designs
  • Schrader engineers have the expertise to develop special HPRVs to meet customer specifications
Technical Specifications
  • Opening pressure: 110 to 170 bars, to meet customer needs
  • Hysteresis between opening and closing pressure: <10%
  • Flow: 110L/H or 140L/H, to meet customer needs