Pressure Relief CO2-AC Valves

Schrader, the expert in valve and air conditioning components, has designed a special safety valve for C02 lines. The Schrader High Pressure Relief CO2/Air Conditioning Valve (HPRV) is mounted on the C02 air conditioning circuit and vents C02 if overpressure occurs. The HPRV consists of a brass body, a spring, and a piston made of advanced materials. The piston and spring were designed and tested for very low hysteresis (the difference between the valve’s opening and closing pressures), and can be easily adjusted to the needed opening pressure. The CO2 HPRV is a high-technology valve compact enough to be mounted anywhere on the line. The valve is managed as a safety product, and its robust design helps ensure zero defects.

Features Set
  • The Schrader CO2 HPRV can withstand high pressures (150 bars) and extreme temperatures (-40°C, 120°C)
  • Very good permeability: < 1grs per year
  • Tested for pressure and temperature cycling
Value Proposition
  • Compact design: M10 thread
  • Air-tightness and opening pressure are 100% tested and ensured on the assembly line
  • Schrader engineers have the expertise to develop special HPRVs to meet customer specifications
Technical Specifications
  • Opening pressure is 110 to 170 bars, to meet customer needs
  • Hysteresis between opening and closing pressure: <10%
  • Axial and radial blow-off available