Schrader valve cores allow gases and fluids to fill the circuit or tank. They are designed to fit all filling connectors, while ensuring proper closing and sealing of the fluid circuit after filling. Most cores are screwed into a metal body, and are used with a protective cap which protects the core from dust and pollution.

Features Set
  • Automatic assembly line with integrated controls
  • All components are produced in Schrader manufacturing facilities
  • All caps are delivered with a seal for better air-tightness
Value Proposition
  • Several rubber types available for Schrader cores: Neoprene, HNBR, FPM, EPDM
  • Compatible with all fluids
  • Brass, plated brass, or stainless steel components
Technical Specifications
  • Standard or high-flow core sizes available for different flow types
  • Metal (brass, nickel-plated) or plastic caps (black, grey, green, blue) available