Consulting Services


The Schrader Training Centre in Pontarlier, France has been specifically designed to provide our customers the skills required to effectively use all Schrader products.

This training includes:

  • Cold and hot repair of tyres (passenger cars, light trucks, trucks, agricultural, earth-moving vehicles)
  • Mounting and removing 1-,3-, and 5-piece agricultural, HGV, and earth-moving tyres 
  • Complete TPMS training; new cars will be required to include a tyre pressure system beginning in November

2012: CE Regulation N° 661/2009 from European Parliament dated July 13th, 2009 (Article 9)

  • Training centre for professional training approved and recommended by Michelin (Agreement N° 43 25 01928 25)

Features Set
  • Professional training
  • Training provided on factory visit
  • Special training for Schrader TPMS portfolio
Value Proposition
  • Michelin®-approved training center in Pontarlier, France
  • Training for domestic and export markets
Technical Specifications
  • Complete marketing and training support
  • Delivered at Schrader facilities or on-site
  • Schrader’s fully-equipped mobile van for remote training