AC Filling Valves

Schrader’s air conditioning filling valves are primarily used for loading vehicle air conditioning circuits with gas, and during service to purge the circuits before refilling. Schrader’s valves are compatible with a wide range of air conditioning couplers. The product consists of a valve stem, valve core, and plastic cap. Several valve body versions are available, including aluminum, steel, saddle, bore, and banjo. Additionally, several rubber types for the core seals are available, including CR, FPM, EPDM, and HNBR. Schrader air conditioning valves are compatible with 134a, 1234yf, and CO2 gases.

Features Set
  • Schrader offers multiple, unique valve designs for fully meeting customer specifications
  • High-quality manufacturing process with 100% assembly control by camera
  • Compatible with SAE J639
Value Proposition
  • Schrader provides a compact valve core design
  • Schrader valve cores provide higher gas flows
  • Schrader uses robust materials in valve design, including plastic, aluminum, and rubber compounds All materials used have been validated by the OEM car manufacturers.
Technical Specifications
  • Schrader air conditioning valves ensure a good permeability rate: 5 grs / year
  • Schrader valves can use all gas types, including 134a, 1234yf, and C02
  • Schrader’s cap covers the complete valve nose for better protection