AC Filling Valves

Air Conditioning valves allow filling the circuit with gas

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Aircraft Loading Purging Valves

Aircraft valves used to load or purge aircraft air circuits


Schrader Application-Specific Integrated Circuits

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Cores & Caps

Valve cores allow gases and fluids to fill the circuit or tank

High-Pressure Valves

High-pressure valves and cores

Industrial Valves: Screw-On Hexagonal Valves or Metal Spud Attachment Type

Hexagonal valve is made for charging, retaining, or purging fluid from any kind of system

Oxygen Monitoring Sensors

Oxygen monitoring for hospitals, ambulances and firefighting

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Pressure Relief CO2-AC Valves

Special safety valve for CO2 lines

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Refrigeration Valves

Refrigeration and air-conditioning valves specifically designed for charging refrigerant fluids

Tyre Pressure Gauges

Complete range of mechanical and electronic inflating and pressure gauges