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Schrader Continues to Invest in Domestic Manufacturing at Springfield, Tenn. Facility TPMS Manufacturer Creates 76 New Jobs in 2013; 100+ Jobs in 2014

DENVER, Colo. (February 28, 2013) – Schrader, the leading global manufacturer of sensing and valve solutions, recently showcased a new $10 million capacity investment towards the continued expansion of its Springfield, Tenn. facility. With this investment, Schrader has created 76 new manufacturing jobs this year and will add approximately 100 additional positions in the coming year. The newly installed manufacturing line is a direct result of continued Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) volume growth with domestic vehicle manufacturers such as Ford®, General Motors®, and Chrysler®, as well as an increased service and repair demand for replacement sensors in the Aftermarket.

“While many companies are shipping manufacturing and production overseas, Schrader’s Springfield facility is creating solid jobs right here in Tennessee’s 6th District,” said Rep. Diane Black. “Also, Schrader’s facility is among the top manufacturers in the region – offering immediate and ongoing training to help employees grow professionally and further develop their skill sets.”

Backed by nearly 25 years of company expertise in developing, manufacturing and distributing top-quality TPMS technology, Schrader’s Springfield facility continues to be a hub for high-tech TPMS manufacturing, including the ability to scale for enhancements to smaller sensor fitment packages and extensions to new application types.

“Three main factors have contributed to the success of our Springfield facility: talented, eager, and well-trained employees, a centralized location near our customers, and the company’s long history in delivering best-in-class TPMS technology,” said Hugh Charvat, President and CEO of Schrader. “Combined with the ongoing demand for TPMS sensors in North America, Schrader-Springfield is positioned for growth and we will continue to invest here.”

The current investment has increased the Springfield facility’s production capability by 8 million units, with an additional new line expected to be installed in early 2014. Schrader is currently the only U.S.-based TPMS manufacturer for the automotive industry, and the increased capacity in Springfield will continue to serve the fast-paced North American OEM and Aftermarket segments. TPMS is a federally-mandated safety system that warns drivers of critically underinflated tire pressure situations. Similar legislation has been adopted in Europe beginning in 2012, and is expanding to Asian-Pacific countries as well.

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Schrader is the leading global manufacturer of sensing and valve solutions for automotive and industrial leaders, delivering solutions that protect and perform. Schrader is a pioneer in tire pressure monitoring systems (TPMS), a vehicle safety feature that is now standard on all cars and light trucks sold in North America and growing in use globally, and is the leading supplier of TPMS sensors, valves, tools and training worldwide. Schrader is also widely known as the inventor of the industry-standard pneumatic tire valve − the very same valve used on every motor vehicle in the world today.


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