Manufacturing Excellence

Schrader’s brand reputation is built upon our continual dedication to design and manufacturing leadership in sensing, valve and fluid control technology. Our world-class manufacturing processes have been developed to manufacture the latest variants of Schrader’s products on high-volume and fully-automated processes, utilizing only the highest quality inputs and state-of-the-art equipment.

At Schrader, quality means defect free. Quality assurance mechanisms are built into each key stage of the manufacturing process, and are operated by experienced, highly-skilled Schrader associates. With Schrader innovation installed within mission-critical applications, where safety, performance and reliability are of the utmost importance, each manufactured product is fully quality-tested before it ever leaves a Schrader facility.

Schrader is also the only vertically-integrated tire pressure monitoring system (TPMS) manufacturer in the world. In-house TPMS valve manufacturing and application-specific integrated circuit (ASIC) chip capabilities allow us to directly control the design, development and production of all Schrader TPMS products. The Schrader valve and ASIC are two key custom components of a Schrader TPMS sensor, and control over these critical components provides the differentiated ability to quickly evolve to meet changing market demands and customer needs.

Schrader facilities have all been fully-certified (TS, ISO and OHSA to name only a few) and have been recognized by numerous government and other leading organizations for our commitment and dedication to innovation, quality, environmentalism, and safety.

Designing With Schrader

Ready to start designing with Schrader? Have an application, concept, or specifications you need help with? Our team of highly-skilled engineers and designers stand by to assist you from initial concept stage through to final manufacturing.