Schrader Location

Primary Manufacturing Focus

Antrim, Northern Ireland

TPMS sensor and systems manufacturing and assembly. Schrader TPMS sensors shipped directly to automotive OEM customers.

Carrickfergus, Northern Ireland

Springfield, Tennessee

Pontarlier, France

Valves, air & fluid control systems and component manufacturing and assembly. Aftermarket TPMS, air accessory and tire hardware distribution. Schrader products shipped directly to OEM and Aftermarket customers.

Altavista, Virginia

Jacareí, Brazil

Swindon, England

ASIC technology products and development; ASIC chips designed and electronically assembled.

Kunshan, China

Valve manufacturing.

Designing With Schrader

Ready to start designing with Schrader? Have an application, concept, or specifications you need help with? Our team of highly-skilled engineers and designers stand by to assist you from initial concept stage through to final manufacturing.